So, who’s this Joseph guy?  That tall dude in the image below is me.  The beautiful woman is my better half Lauren, and the two little animals are Noah (left) and Nicolas.  Basically this image represents why I do what I do.  I take pictures of awesome people and I’d like to think I’m pretty good at it.  My philosophy is pretty simple.  I want to take photographs that will blow your mind.  Photographs that will document your day with a high level of creativity.  Photographs that will capture the amazing moments that will fly by on the big day and simply cannot be contrived.  The same philosophy goes for family sessions.   I want to document your family the way I document mine, by taking photos that will portray the true identity of your family.   Overall, I enjoy all aspects of photographing people. Whether it’s capturing the wonderful innocence of a child or the blissful moment of a newly wed couple’s first dance, photographing moments which will never be duplicated is what I do best!  I feel that taking a photojournalistic approach creates the most memorable images which will be treasured for generations to come.  If you’re looking for fake smiles, fake backdrops, orchestrated moments or fake photoshop skies, than I am not your man.   If you love the images you see on my site, than contact me and lets chat.


Joseph Delgado

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